Pool water chemistry

Banana Hammock Pool Cleaning & Repair knows water chemistry for pool and spas, being in the industry for 15 years and servicing hundreds of swimming pools and spas we understand that no two pools are the same. Getting that perfect balance of pH and Chlorine takes someone that is familiar with water chemistry and the chemicals needed for a fun, safe, and clean pool.

All of our water technicians are CPO Certified and trained!

Do you know the ideal pool chemistry?

  Low Ideal High Unit
 pH 7.2 7.4-7.6 7.8 
 Chlorine (Free) 1.0 2.0-4.0 5.0 ppm
 Total Alkalinity (TA) 60 80-120 140 ppm
 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 250 300-2000 2500 ppm
 Calcium  Hardness 150 200-400 500 ppm
 Cyanuric Acid 10 30-50 100 ppm

Normally, not much more than chlorine and the occasional pool shock is required to keep a swimming pool clean.  If chlorine is not regularly added, or if the PH and Alkalinity levels are not kept in range, major pool water problems can occur and the dark green pond like appearance can soon follow which of course equals more money spent.  

Of course, once the green cloud arrives, a large amount of pool chemicals may be required to correct these water problems, and the pool may not be usable until the problems have been corrected.  It is easier for a pool owner and requires less chemicals to maintain a swimming pool if it is always done right and kept up to date.