BH Pools

Please, please be careful when you have toddlers that are curious about pools or spas, use a pool fence or pool nets to protect them from an accident!

(BH) Pool Cleaning and Repair  will vacuum, brush, and balance your pool with one of our friendly, polite, and professional IPSSA certified Pool Technicians!  
We treat each pool as if it were our own...Obsessive? Maybe, but we want you to have a FUN, SAFE and CLEAN pool for you to enjoy all year long!
Banana Hammock specializes in the cleaning and repairs of Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs both indoors and outdoors.
  • Monthly rates starting at (Please Call), off Season rates start at (Please Call) (initial cleaning charge may apply)
    • Weekly surface skimming, floor vacuuming(WHAP), and wall brushing; plus Chlorine and pH Control, backwashing, filter cleaning (including DE), and emptying all baskets.
    • All services include onsite records of: Date of visit, chemical test, amount of chemicals added, pool serviced, filter cleaning and any other additional comments that might need to be made.
    • All prices are per month.
    • Chemicals included in service are: Chlorine, Muriatic Acid, Soda Ash, 3” Chlorinating Tablets, and Diatomaceous Earth.
    • Algaecides and Cyanuric Acid are an additional cost.
Get it done the right way, the first time with BH Pool Cleaning & Repair.

We utilize the best chemicals and cleaning practices to ensure that your water recreation is FUN! SAFE! & CLEAN!
We have an elite dedicated and CPO trained staff that will guarantee our work or the next visit is FREE!
Please call us to set up an appointment, we will test and evaluate your pool for FREE during the first initial visit. We offer single one time cleaning as well as monthly cleaning rates.
We will show you how you can maintain your pool during the first month!
Remember when you need to get wet call us at Banana Hammock’s Pool Cleaning and Repair!
Our motto:
“Keeping you wet all year long!”
Phone: (559) 697-5620
P.O. Box 6843
Visalia CA, 93290-6843